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Pringles has changed many of its OU Pareve potato crisps to OU Dairy.  They have now listed all seasoned Pringles as OUD, as the seasonings contain real dairy and contain whey or milk.  Those that have the plain OU designation are Pareve. Consumers should be careful to check for the kosher designation.

To find out if a product is labeled OU-D because it contains dairy ingredients, or because it is made on dairy equipment, one should call the OU hotline at 212-613-8241 or e-mail the Webbe Rebbe at

All products produced and packaged by B&W Quality Growers are not checked for bugs. Despite carrying the Folrida K certification, the produce requires checking for infestation. The Florida K certification is being removed from the product.

Israeli produce like citrus and peppers have been seen in grocery stores. If you purchase Israeli produce, please remember to tithe.

Bush’s Best Vegetarian Baked Beans in Tangy sauce with Brown Sugar & Spices in the 16 oz. can mistakenly does not bear an OU on the can label, but does bear the OU symbol on the upper lid. This product is Kosher and OU certified. New labels will be corrected and will bear the OU.

In honor of Tu B’shvat, some people have a custom of eating various fruits. Checking for infestation in these products applies even if the product bears kosher certification.The STAR-K has a handy guide to checking various fruits.

The Spicy Peach carries Tu B’shvat fruit platters and various dried fruits.

The AKC supervises the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom year-round. The AKC does not certify the Passover Retreat Program or Camp Ramah. They are under non-Orthodox supervision.