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Publix Toco Hills, Tea, Sublime Doughnuts, Jelly Doughnuts, Kosher Gourmet, Insect Checking

Publix Toco Hills Pre-Chanukah Celebration

Friday, December 23, 2016

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

At Publix Toco Hills


Tea, including decaffeinated:

Unflavored orange pekoe or Green tea leaves (including matcha) or tea bags are acceptable without hashgachah if they contain no other ingredients. Flavored Herbal tea leaves or tea bags require kosher certification. Earl Grey with bergamot oil is acceptable without hashgachah, but Earl Grey with bergamot flavor requires kosher certification. All of the above is limited to tea leaves and tea bags, but all prepared (liquid) tea or instant tea powder sold in retail containers, requires kosher certification.


Sublime Doughnuts: The AKC certifies only the Briarcliff Road location. The downtown location is not kosher certified as they produce bacon doughnuts.


Sufganiyot (Jelly filled doughnuts):

Krispy Kreme, Sublime Doughnuts, and Publix Toco Hills will all have dairy Sufganiyot.

For All Occasions Catering will have Pareve, Pas Yisroel jelly filled doughnuts: 404-953-8157

Kosher Gourmet will have Pareve, Pas Yisroel jelly filled doughnuts: 404-636-1114


Kosher Gourmet carries Sushi Maven, From Rice Paper to Pickled Ginger; they can help you with all of your sushi making needs!

Join the Kosher Gourmet for Fresh Latkes and Sufganiyot daily in celebration of Chanukah!

Marzipan baked goods are fresh on the shelves at the Kosher Gourmet! Come by and pick some up before they’re gone!


Insect Checking


There are several reliable national kosher agencies that publish different appropriate methods for cleaning and checking produce. As long as one is consistent, one can follow any of the national reputable kosher guidelines (OU, CRC, Star-K etc.). Make sure to check for updated guidelines as many have been recently revised.


Research indicates that vinegar and salt are not as effective as soap or Veggie Wash. The AKC recommends that soap or Veggie Wash be used when cleaning and checking produce.


Triple Washed lettuce still requires checking.


Pre-washed lettuce doesn’t need to be washed again, but does require checking.


Hydroponic lettuce still requires checking.


Iceberg Lettuce and Coleslaw Mixes with a reliable certification does not require additional checking.


The Symbol of a letter K with the letters ORC placed vertically to the right of the K is not recommended and every piece of lettuce would require individual checking.


If infestation is found, produce can be washed repeatedly until one feels that the lettuce is free of infestation.