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Schach Information, MJCC, Brands with Certification Changes, No Longer Certified, Little Debbie, Solomon’s Ground Meat

For Schach information (including codes for kosher schach available at various Home Depots) please see the CRC Link below:


MJCC Alert: One cannot assume that all food served at the MJCC campus is kosher. Only A Healthy Touch is under AKC supervision with an onsite mashgiach. One must be sure to check the Kosher status of vendors. The October 8th sukkot celebration at MJCC will have non-kosher venders. AKC certified Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Truck will be at the October 8th event.


Changes from last year: The following brands have fewer certified products. Please check the labels for certification before purchasing:



Ferrara Pan

Bagged Iceberg salad brands


The Following are no longer certified:

Monday Night Brewery

Publix fruit salad with strawberries


Little Debbie Snackfoods (Except those containing Gelatin) are now certified OU-D.


Costco is now carrying OU Kosher Solomon’s Ground Meat in their kosher section.