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Slim Fast, Duncan Hines, Food Delivery

Some Slim Fast products are no longer certified by the OU. Containers bearing the OU symbol were produced prior to the termination and are kosher. (

A limited number of club pack cartons of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Chocolate Frosting Pudding were mislabeled with a plain OK symbol. This product is certified kosher dairy, and the inner sleeves are correctly labeled with the OKD.

Many people nowadays are utilizing various food delivery services, for both packaged products and prepared foods. Consumers who order food products using outside vendors (e.g. Instacart, UberEats) or a store’s own delivery service, should be aware of the following: 

Outside vendors may not be sensitive to kosher requirements and might innocently substitute a non-kosher item for the kosher one which you ordered.  Thus, you might order Brand X of canned vegetables knowing that it is certified kosher, but if that brand is not available, the store may substitute it with canned vegetables from Brand Y which lacks supervision. Therefore, when a delivery arrives, be sure to check each product to be sure it is kosher.

The certification of a food item is only valid if it is stored in a sealed package. This is true of packaged foods and for foods prepared in a restaurant.  If the packaging is open, or if prepared food is delivered without “kosher tape” or some other seal, the product should not be accepted as kosher.  Return the food to the store and/or speak to your Rabbi for guidance.