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The Spicy Peach, Menchie’s, Dolce Catering & Bakery

New Products at The Spicy Peach:

Pelleh Poultry —duck bacon, cherry duck sausage, Italian duck sausage and duck rillettes (pate)

424 Below– flavored sea salts from the Dead Sea; garlic salt, garlic & pepper, merlot, smoked, and wild fire

Tierra Sur spice rubs—comes in 4 flavors; verde spice rub, meat spice rub, smoky meat spice rub and red spice rub

La Rusticholla white truffle pate and black truffle pate

Open Sesame Tahini in assorted flavors parsley, hazelnut, pesto and peanut butter

Yum Cups – all natural ‘jello’ cups

New Spicy Peach Sandwich –  “The Big Macher”   veggie “beef” burger, cheese, onion, tomato, pickle, lettuce and special sauce on a pretzel bun.

Email the Spicy Peach at in order to stay up to date with information on new products


Menchie’s now has AKC approved kosher frozen yogurt cakes including customized Photo Cakes.


Dolce Catering & Bakery (Moshe Bengigi) (previously at Yeshiva Atlanta) is now open at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta: 770-451-3065