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TipTop Kosher Market & Restaurant, MJCC Alert, Pas Yisroel, Bug Checking, Bijan Catering

TipTop Kosher Market and TipTop Meat Restaurant are now open

2211 Savoy Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341



MJCC Alert: One cannot assume that food served at the MJCC campus is kosher. Only A Healthy Touch is under AKC supervision with an onsite mashgiach. One must be sure to check the Kosher status of vendors. The October 8th sukkot celebration at MJCC will have non-kosher vendors.


Pas Yisroel: Many have the custom to only use Pas Yisroel from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. Items that are made fresh in AKC establishments are always going to be pas yisroel. Items such as pita, wraps, sandwich bread, and buns, brought in from elsewhere may or may not be pas yisroel. One should always check with the mashgiach of the establishment about what items are pas yisroel.

Below is link to a list of Pas Yisroel products.


Bug Checking: At this time of year when many of us are using figs, dates, and leeks, this is a reminder to check these items properly:

Dates & Figs: It is recommended that one open and do a visual inspection on a few out of each container (even if they have a hechsher; due to the possibility of improper storage). If they have no insects, one can assume the rest do not.

Leeks: Do an internal and external inspection for any signs of infestation. Check inside tube and between leaves, as well as the outside for leaf-miner trails.

Black Eyed Peas (Fresh/Dried): One should check a handful of beans for any signs of infestation, which includes holes or dark stains. Additionally, they should be soaked for 15-20 minutes in room temperature water to see if any insects float to the top. Soaking must be done before Yom Tov.

(Taken from the Star-K)


Bijan Catering has a holiday menu. Please contact them at for their menu. They also offer full service catering.