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Zoo Atlanta, Baby Corn, Lemonhead Candy, Hershey’s Puddings, Snapple, General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Kroger Toco Hills & Sandy Spring Pareve Cookies, Kroger Vinegars, Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival

Zoo Atlanta will have AKC certified event catering available starting February 2020

POP Kosher at Zoo Atlanta For more information contact: or 404-624-5600

Season Asian Harvest Whole Sweet Baby Corn is OU certified. The OU symbol has been inadvertently omitted from the label for Lot #12219. The product is certified even without the OU symbol. Some products will have an OU symbol sticker added to the can.

Lemonhead Lemon Candy from Ferrara Candy Co. is not certified Kosher and is produced in a non-Kosher facility. Some 40.5 oz. containers (150 Pieces) that are being sold as a seasonal promotion, at Kroger and other stores bear an unauthorized UMK symbol on the back label. The only Ferrara candies that remain under UMK certification are Atomic Fireballs and Jawbreakers, and only when they bear the UMK symbol on each individual box.

Hershey’s Puddings are not OU certified and are not recommended. This applies both to the Instant Puddings Mixes (Chocolate, White Chocolate, Special Dark, and Creamy Vanilla varieties) which bear no Kosher marking, and to the Ready-to-Eat Cups (Chocolate, S’mores, and Cookies ‘N’ Crème varieties) which bear KD. Hershey’s Ice Creams are also not recommended.

Snapple: A limited number of Snapple Diet Cranberry Raspberry 6-packs (16oz bottles) were mistakenly printed with the OK Kosher symbol on the outer cartons. This product is not kosher certified.

Snapple: Not all Snapple products are OK certified and pareve. Snapple’s new Black Cherry Lemonade, Snapple Fruit Punch, and Snapple Cranberry Raspberry (regular and Diet) Juice Drinks, plus any other varieties that contain grape juice, are not Kosher and do not bear an OK symbol.

Snapple Go Bananas drink contains milk and cream and is certified OK Dairy. Many Snapple items in cans are produced on dairy equipment and bear OK DE. Each bottle or can should be checked carefully for the OK symbol and its Pareve/Dairy status. (A plain OK symbol without a D indicates pareve.) Care should also be taken when purchasing variety packs, which may contain a mixture of Kosher and non-Kosher varieties.

General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros is currently kosher (dairy) without the OU on the box. (

Kroger Toco Hills Bakery is once again making pareve chocolate chip cookies (Pas Yisroel) in the kosher bakery section. Sandy Springs Kroger bakery is also baking pareve (Pas Yisroel) cookies, as well as cookie cakes to order. New cookie flavors are Red Velvet, Sugar, and Double Chocolate Chip.

Kroger Sherry, Red Wine, & White Wine Cooking Vinegar: The OU does not certify Kroger Sherry, Red Wine, and White Wine Cooking Vinegar. Some labels bear an unauthorized OU symbol.

The 7th Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival

Sunday, September 8th, 2019From: 11 am – 3:30 pm

Location: City Green at City Springs, 1 Galambos way

Sandy Springs, GA 30328